366 Days of Annie

Feb 5, 2012 day 36/366:

  • was supposed to wake up at 8:30am
  • dreamt I woke up at 8:30, got ready, could still sleep in for another half hour so I did
  • actually woke up at 9:30am, realized I didn’t do anything, rushed to get ready for work & the PCM
  • went to PCM, still had time to go home before work so I just moped at home
  • work was so dead, I made so many mistakes at Cash, I HATE returns/exchanges!!
  • gave the wrong employee code (one digit off) so someone else got some of my sales, AHHHH! prob didn’t make enough
  • I MIGHT like the adult’s side better than the Kids…
  • got off work early, but had to wait for Nicole to get off so I ate McDonalds alone like a loser sitting outside Thrifty’s
  • bused to Brian’s and made candied bacon! Mmmm… I was Andy’s assistant, but ended up doing basically all the physical work LOL WTF!
  • almost burned down Brian’s house because the plate (with a paper towel on it) got too close to the element. Oops.
  • Ate so much bacon (at least a pack I’m guesstimating) … heartburn! but so so good.

feb 4, 2012 day 35/366:

  • didn’t need to go to work because it wasn’t particularly busy
  • stayed home & made a nail tutorial for my GORGEOUS floral nails teehee
  • went to pearl drops, mmm everyday is a good day with Pearl Drops (strawberry colada!! Nicole overmixed hers, now I know why the second time I had it (when the girl told us to mix the drink first) didn’t taste as good as the first time I had it (without mixing))
  • walked home on ‘angus bridge’ AHHAHAHA
  • good day :’)

Feb 3, 2012 day 34/366:

  • moped, then got ready for work
  • takes twenty min to get to work so I left at 4:30pm, leaving me 30 minutes to get there
  • late for my first shift of work? YUP
  • assistant manager didn’t know I didn’t get trained in cash yet so moved from kids side to adult’s side for the day
  • learned Cash today, so unprepared LOL but I lived. not sure if I made enough sales
  • coworkers are super nice, taught me many things. Juliana even taught me a shortcut from work to the skytrain LOL <3
  • got home at like 11pm, so tired!! Couldn’t wait to work more and make more $$

Feb 2, 2012 day 33/366:

  • shopped downtown (to look for shoes for Annie to work in LOL) and ended up picking up black suede flats from H&M (too plain for me but so comfy! I’ll live)
  • went to Dressew with Kelly & Nicole to pick up fabric for Kelly’s braided bracelet. I need to take up sewing/crafts…
  • went to Subway… mmm food
  • went to Windy with Nicole to take pics of Junior & Senior girls bball. Got lost in their school LOL SO COMPLICATED!!

Feb 1, 2012 day 32/366:

  • late for math, need to start leaving the house earlier in the morning
  • went downtown with Jenn & Nicole so Jenn could get a haircut at Chura
  • shopped at PC, found cute suede pumps that were like 65% off! originally $120, now $42
  • I want my watermelon pants! Alot of cute stuff at H&M including sheer tops, a peach leather skirt (fucking $129), and coloured denim (<3!!)
  • went and took pics of junior & senior boys bball @ tech for yearbook
  • Kevin brought us cookies and instant noodles LOL i need to start carrying a hot thermos of water & instant noodles in my bag too…

Day 31/366:

  • finished up a few more KC applications - deadline is today!!
  • super useless person in Yearbook
  • pollinated our plants
  • sent awards applications to the States
  • went to McDicks with Nicole & Brian, bank balance dropped from $2.98 to $1.42
  • homesicles, not sure what I did the rest of the day - probably read more blogs LOL

day 30/366:

  • late for first block? typical
  • faxed awards apps to Kelly for signatures
  • went home after lunch to finish KC applications. apparently I missed out on a fun eng class boooo
  • missed physics test, I can live with that
  • job orientation, woot! got trained with another new hire - super nice
  • bused to work with Nicole, dad followed me saying he had nothing to do at home and wanted to ‘look at paintings’ at Metro… OKAY DAD HAHAHA
  • starved, went home and ate
  • all I remember HAHA

day 29/366:

  • money! why did I pose with money? I don’t even know why I took this picture LOOL
  • maybe it was to show I actually have money for once…? nah
  • oh right, this morning we woke up to Justin Pham’s guitar playing LOL don’t know why we asked him to play at 9:30am (when some of us slept at 6:30am) but he was down for it! Must be a morning person, lots of spirit & great playing. Thanks JP!
  • cooked food for 25ish ppl, it was SO GOOD - thanks to master chef Renee!
  • tried to surprise Austin & Adrianna with thank you cards… let’s just say we failed and leave it at that
  • dragged myself & my heavy luggage home… why did I bring such heavy items when 1) i was away for only one night & 2) i knew i had to walk home?
  • finished my January Chance analysis before midnight! Actually before 6pm LOL AW YEE
  • so uh, I had to write like a kajillion Key Club DCON awards applications?! Stayed up until forever! I didn’t even finish my own personal app.put all my heart and soul into the Single Service Award. PLEASE LET VANTECH WIN THAT ONE!! I will then be content. 1600+ words!!

day 28/366:

  • went to the DCM @ Frog Hollow - ‘spied’ on Killarney
  • shopped for food @ superstore… while starving
  • went back to the famine @ HCC, played the animal game & watched Crazy, Stupid Love (mmm… ryan gosling LOL)
  • Nicole REALLY wanted to play racquet ball, I gave in.. played for 2 min she said BRB.. never came back LOL OKAY…
  • played TOP 10 til 3:30am AHHAHA BEST GAME EVER. However the chaperones now probably think we are the dirtiest teenagers ever.. THANKS BOYS
  • went into the art room and made THANK YOU cards for Austin & Adrianna secretly ;)
  • slept @ 6:30am ish

day 27/366:

  • look through webcam pics for possible pictures I took on each day AHAHA
  • also looking through twitter to try and rmb what I did each day… useful!
  • why is there one random day of class before the weekend!? why did we get the MIDDLE of the week off?!
  • block rotations, late for class - came in to a student teacher for chem. totally forgot!
  • Ms. Paley is super nice and cool, having a student teacher won’t be that bad after all
  • HAHHA downsides to not updating right away? not remembering what happened - totally defeats the purpose of a 366
  • was about to get ditched for DCON (only half ditched now) - way to leave me girls!!